2016 MayRTX Showcases Its New Trading Platform At ITW With Profit Inspiring Promotion

May 2016, RTX wasted no time in raising its profile again and ensuring its standing as a key player in the telecoms industry by heading to ITW in Chicago with a new trading platform and exciting promotion in tow. RTX launched a new, fully featured voice exchange.. easy to use, simple to navigate and now mobile friendly so you can trade instantly and take advantage of the best rates available, anywhere. With immediate access to thousands of global carriers and more than 150,000 routes available, you can be sure of finding the route you need, at the price and service that you want.

Featuring: Next day supplier payment (RTX FastPay); Powerful search engine; Instant pay by card and PayPal; Live ASR, ACD and usage at prefix level; Real time statistics; Easy to use upload engine; Full reporting; Ability to compare routes and trade in seconds.