Trilico’s Partner Programme division offers Tier 1 carriers a fully branded and customisable ‘on-line risk and cash management’ platform for Voice & SMS. Through their own branded platforms Tier 1 carriers offer their routes to customers they consider high risk or high maintenance. With operators such as Sparkle, Deutsche Telecom ICSS, PCCW Global, and Telia Carrier already using the service, the solution offers Tier 1 carriers:

  • A low touch solution with its on-line customer On-Boarding processes eliminating the need for complex vetting and interconnect procedures.
  • Multiple rate cards for various service levels and bespoke customer pricing.
  • Fully automated features with customer alerts and reports, minimising the need for day to day communications between the Tier1 carriers and their platform customers.
  • A completely Risk Free post-paid solution in addition to Trilico’s standard ‘Pay As You Go’ feature, enabling our Tier1 partners to enjoy additional post-paid revenues whilst receiving daily payments from Trilico for their customers’ previous day’s spend. The risk of bad debt sits entirely with Trilico.

Customers of the Tier 1 carrier also benefit:

  • Fast and simple activation process with sign-up to go-live within days, offering customers immediate access to the Tier 1 carrier’s voice & SMS service offerings.
  • Fully automated features enabling customers to easily manage their funds and traffic.
  • Full control over their unused funds for Pay-As-You-Go customers, and an easy to use post-paid service for selected customers.